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The Best Diet Pills Of 2012 - which diet pill is best for you?

Theres no shortage of weightloss pills on the market today, with so much choice and fake marketing sometimes its no surprise that consumers waste their money on diet pills that do not work. I hear the same questions every day from my clients, asking which weight loss pills really work, and how can I lose weight fast?

So lets start with the most important thing. What is your weight loss goal? Do you want to burn body fat, reduce your waist size, get a flat belly or stomach, fit into your clothes easier or just tone up a bit? There are many different choices and also many different reasons for doing it.

The main reason for losing weight should be to make yourself feel better inside. Some of the popular reasons that others email me about include wanting to lose weight for holiday, become more attractive to partners and other potential matches, fell more healthy and to impress friends or family. Of course ultimately the weightloss goal and reason should be personal to you.

So now we know what your diet goal is and why you want to get slim fast. Lets look at which fat loss options you have available for weightloss products on the market and what they can do for you.

First on the list, as im sure you have all heard of is Phen 375. This weightloss pill is the most populat diet supplement available to buy online at the moment. Users who have gone ahead to buy phen 375 and used it for short periods of time have reported extreme weightloss and excellent fat reductions.


Posted by: Jennylite

Consumer interest in hoodia gordonii skyrockets, but can it really help with weight loss?

It's a bold statement: "a plant that can turn off your hunger and kill your Appetite instantly!." The ultimate Appetite suppressant. The "sure thing" strategy for losing weight. Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? Pfizer didn't think so: they spent thirty two million just for the rights to a patent on chemical compounds they could extract from Hoodia The plan, of course, was to create the next 'big thing' weightloss drug for treating patients who are overweight or obese.

And that's a lot of people. Nearly 1/3 of adults in the UK are now overweight. Almost a quarter are clinically obese. People are gaining weight like never before, all across the world, and doctors are being asked to get more actively involved in helping people lose those extra pounds.

What people need, we all seem to believe, is a miracle drug. A magic bullet solution. Pop it in your mouth and you'll magically lose weight, even while chomping down another bag of greasy potato chips or that second tub of ice cream.

What we all seem to desire is a chemical savior... a substance to redeem us from our unwillingness to exercise. Something to save us from ourselves.

And then, like a lone flower blossoming in the desert, a plant quietly appears from the desert itself: Hoodia gordonii. Used by thousands of years as an appetite  suppressant by the San tribe in South Africa, hoodia seems to turn off the human appetite. Your hunger drive just vanishes. You simply don't want to eat. And the pounds fall off without even trying.

The magic bullet has arrived, it seems, and everybody who has heard about hoodia suddenly wants some. Yet there are hucksters and con artists at work. Some are selling worthless products. Others are exaggerating or mislabeling their ingredients. It's a dangerous market and, of course, entirely unregulated.

But to tell you that story, I have to back up for a minute and tell you a different story -- one we all know too well: the recurring nightmare of trying to lose weight.

Weight loss strategies all share the same fault

They tell you to work out to lose weight. They tell you to take metabolism boosting supplements. They tell you to stop eating sugar, ice cream, saturated fat and carbohydrates. Sound familiar?

You can do all that and still pack on the pounds. Because what the experts don't tell you is that in order to burn the excess fat off your body, you're going to have to experience extreme hunger. The kind of hunger that's simply impossible for any reasonable human being to resist...

Eventually, no matter how badly you want to lose weight, you're going to eat. And chances are, if you're like me, you're going to eat and eat and eat. You'll gain back whatever pounds you lost, and you'll add a few more pounds on top of that.

Can you stand the hunger?

Every weight loss  product, gimmick, diet or contraption you've ever seen shares the same fatal flaw: no matter how much you diet or exercise, and no matter what pills you take, you're going to feel extremely hungry, day in and day out.

Think those metabolism boosters will make you lose weight? Sure, they burn calories for a few hours, and then your blood sugar drops and you feel hungrier than ever. So you eat to make up for it, and you're right back where you started.

Think those fat blockers or carbohydrate blockers are going to help you? All they do is stop your body from digesting the food you've swallowed. So you're still hungry anyway and you soon find yourself eating again.

Have you tried the Atkins diet? I bet, like most people, you eventually caved in and headed straight for the carbs, right? That's because our bodies crave carbohydrates.

Tried to exercise your way to being slim? If you're like most people, though, the more you exercise, the hungrier you get.

The real problem turns out to be appetite control. And that's what we'll explore in part 2 of this investigative series about Hoodia Gordonii. Watch for the next article, or just use the Google search box below to search for hoodia (which will bring up all the articles on hoodia).

Posted by: Andy2

Hoodia update: Counterfeit rate reaches 80 percent, but genuine hoodia is still available

Here's a quick update on the state of the Hoodia gordonii supplement industry. You probably already know that I don't sell Hoodia products nor do I make any commissions on any such sales, so I've been looking into this as a consumer advocate, trying to sort out fact from fiction for those people interested in using natural Appetite suppressants.

According to my research, the vast majority of the hoodia gordonii sold in the United States and around the world is still counterfeit. I spoke with Elan Sudberg at Alkemists Pharmaceuticals, who confirmed that they're getting about a 60 percent failure rate for hoodia. That means that 60 percent of the hoodia samples submitted to them for verification are failing -- and these batches are coming from companies  who believe they have genuine hoodia. There are probably many more samples that never get sent in for testing because the companies selling them either don't care or already know they're not genuine. I am estimating as much as 80 percent of the hoodia currently being purchased by consumers is either adulterated, which means cut with other ingredients, or contains no actual hoodia gordonii whatsoever.

The supplements that are consistently verified as being genuine hoodia gordonii include the Desert Burn brand, the Hoodoba brand from Strictly Health Corp., and the Hoodia Hoodia brand from Millennium Health. Those three pass on a more consistent basis than the products  being distributed in retail, in fact. This is the rare case where the internet is offering better quality and more honest products than you can buy at retail. Even some of the big retail chains selling hoodia weight loss  products are selling counterfeit hoodia gordonii. I'm not going to name names, because there aren't enough lawyers in the world to defend me against the onslaught of legal claims that would be unleashed if I did; however, I can tell you I would only buy hoodia online through the sources that I've mentioned, or through any others that consistently pass the certification tests.


How to know who to trust

The problem is that it's really tough to know which companies to trust. There are companies that will post counterfeit CITES certificates -- Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, a document required to sell hoodia and verify that it has been obtained through legal channels. They can fake the lab tests by submitting a genuine batch for approval and then replacing it with adulterated material in the actual production run. They can steal CITES certificates from other companies and then use Photoshop to replace the company name.

There's even evidence now that some companies are using soluble material to cut their product in a way that is difficult to detect in laboratory testing. Hoodia supplement retailers and sellers are certainly coming up with very creative ways to keep selling the counterfeit product without anyone knowing.

But whether it's real or not is really only one part of the question concerning hoodia. As I've said, my estimate is that 80 percent of the hoodia being sold today contains no genuine hoodia gordonii. Not all the people selling hoodia are crooks: wholesalers have swindled some into thinking they're buying real hoodia when, in reality, they're being hoodwinked.

Does genuine hoodia really work?

It is sad that this mess overshadows the other part of the question, which is whether or not hoodia gordonii works as an Appetite suppressant  even if you have the real thing. Because there has been so much counterfeiting and so much adulterated hoodia being sold to consumers, most people who have used hoodia didn't notice any effect. They think that hoodia doesn't work, but they probably weren't taking real hoodia in the first place.

I believe that hoodia holds potential for being a highly effective appetite suppressant. As I reported earlier in my own experiments with genuine hoodia, it did take the edge off the hunger, even though it wasn't a magic pill that just turned off hunger like a light switch. It could be quite valuable as part of an ongoing weight loss effort that includes high-density nutrition, avoidance of high-glycemic foods and a regular physical exercise program.

In fact, I think genuine hoodia gordonii could be more effective than prescription drugs for helping people lose weight. But most people will never find out whether hoodia works for them because they'll never get their hands on the real thing. Until the Federal Trade Commission steps in and begins to really crack down on the con artists who currently dominate much of the marketing and advertising in the hoodia industry, American consumers are going to continue to be victimized.

The bottom line is that genuine hoodia, if you can find it, seems to help as an appetite suppressant and at the very least holds promise for future research into weight loss supplements. But beware, because if you're buying hoodia retail or even from honest-looking companies online, you're probably not getting genuine hoodia.

And finally, as I've always said, there's no such thing as a magic pill that's going to cause you to lose weight without changing your diet (eliminating high-glycemic, processed foods) and engaging in regular physical exercise. While there are, indeed, natural supplements that can aid in your weight loss efforts, putting your full faith in any single weight loss pill -- whether it's a drug, an herb or a succulent -- is likely to result in disappointment.

Posted by: Andy2
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