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Great results! Go Girl!
Posted by: Jonathan
Hey anthony! Fancy seeing you here on the weight loss forum! I cant believe the amount of weight you have lost! i didnt recognise you or your new slim body! With regards to the weight watchers club thing, I was using them for like 2 years and I didnt really get nywhere. I kinda kept going up and down and ended up the same...fat. lol
Posted by: Pumpkinz
I wouldnt bother using weight watchers or any of those slimming clubs in london as they are designed to keep you fat and paying them monthly for nothing. I was a member of slimming world also a couple years back, did nothing for me to tell you the truth.
Posted by: Lucyb6
hello you! I didnt know you were on WLT! Do you still go to weight watchers meetings in london or have you given up there now? I hear slimming world is popular too but they dont seem to get the same results as those who use diet pills. Send me a message when you are online. x
Posted by: Anthonyfm
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