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Hey Pumkinz, Im glad to see you have also tried proactol plus.. I would recommend you 'stack' it back to back with Phen 375 to get the best results. I feel like a new man and its because of these two supplements. Awesome stuff!
Posted by: Jonathan
Hi Jon hunny! You look great as ever. As you can see im using the Proactol Plus you told me about. Got jealous of your skinnyness. :)
Posted by: Pumpkinz
wow! what a transformation on your appearance Jon! I remember when you first joiner the weightloss community and you were a little shy, aw you were so cute, but now.... omg! you are really cute! well done with using Phen 375 on your weightloss success story and I hope we can see eachother at the next WLT party? xx
Posted by: Tara-wow
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detox t10 fitted in so well with my diet and work out.

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