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Xenadrine Xtreme FX - extreme weight loss for women

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"If you dont mind extreme side effects such as irregular heartbeats and nausea, then this product might work for you. Most users that tested this product did report small weightloss but also really bad side effects. I would avoid it."

What is Xenadrine Xtreme FX?

Touted as the fat burner to end all other fat burners, Xenadrine Xtreme FX is produced by a company that develops and markets multiple weight loss solutions. Used by those looking to drop pounds fast, Xenadrine has been a product on the tip of peoples tongues for a while.

This supplement is specifically targeted at women. The supposed science behind this particular product is that it is able to use multiple venues to activate weight loss according to each womans individual needs and body chemistry.

Im always a bit wiery of products that claim to be targetted towards a particular sex, as weight loss is a universal science and not gender specific.

As always, we will test this product fairly, with 89 WLT users stepping up to the testing challenge. Lets find out if Xenadrine really works as a weight loss pill.

What does it claim to do?

Xenadrine Xtreme is formulated to help women lose weight fast. In fact, a scientific study has shown the effectiveness of the key ingredient combination in this formula.

In this study, subjects taking the key ingredient combination (Yerba mate leaf, guarana seed, Damiana leaf) lost, on average, 11.24 lbs. in just 45 days versus an average of 0.66 lbs. for the placebo group. Another key ingredient in Xenadrine Xtreme supports increased energy and calorie burning.

"Ok so they confuse us with a bit of scientific testing mumbo jumbo. We all know that the real test is in the user results here on WLT"

lets see what the ingredients line up looks like...


Green tea leaf extract
A thermogenic form of caffeine, it is also rich in antioxidants like EGCG. However, one should keep in mind that it requires at least 400mg of 50% caffeine considering the fact that caffeine is the actual fat burning component

Yohimbine HCL bark
This has been used as a sexual stimulant. However, it has never been used as a weight loss supplement in reality, and it can cause serious side effects such as liver damage, kidney damage, heart attack, and stroke.

Raspberry ketone
Used as a natural fat burner, this has been tested in rats and shown to reduce weight gain with a high fat diet and even promote weight loss in some cases.

Pu-erh tea
more potent caffeine based form of green tea, more fermented. It still has powerful antioxidants and more fat burning power some would say than the original green tea.

Artemisia capillaries
otherwise known as wormwood, this has been used as both a liver tonic and an antibacterial. However, it has never actually been connected to weight loss.

Salacia oblonga
This has been used to control natural blood glucose levels, and some would call it a natural cure for diabetes. However, it is not that powerful, and it defintiely does not promote weight loss

Caffeine anhydrous
A powerful form of caffeine, anhydrous means without water. It has been shown to produce a powerful thermogenic effect in the body if used in the right amounts. However, it also comes with the classic side effects of caffeine.

Engelhardita ctysolepsis
An unknown ingredient, this is only listed in this particular product, and it does not promote weight loss. As far as we can tell, it doesn?t even actually exist.

Black soy
isoflavones have been used to imitate and mimic the benefits of estrogen. Therefore, it has been used successfully in some diet pills for women

Garcinia cambogia rind extract
typically requiring about 1500mg, this can produce a certain fat burning and weight loss effect. However, its more effective when combined with gymnema sylvestre and chromium.

Coleus forskohlii root extract
derived from Ayurvedic medicine, coleus forskohlii has been used to effectively burn fat with over 1000mg and no stimulants required

Catuaba bark-can contain yohimbine.
Its a sexual stimulant, some have said it increases testosterone. But yohimbine even in extremely small amounts has been known to cause heart attacks, stroke, renal failure, and kidney damage.

Lemon balm
has been known to be high in powerful antioxidants to kill off harmful free radicals and toxins. It has also been known to purify and tonify the liver

What's the conclusion?

As revolutionary as this weight loss product may seem to be, in this case it doesnt look like a good option.

This supplement is riddled with side effects that range in severity from simply irritating to potentially harmful, as described by the user testing team.

WLT users spoke of side effects including irregular heartbeat, chest pain, dizziness, headache, nausea, insomnia, mood swings, cramping, constipation, diarrhea, tension, anxiety, and high blood pressure if you are sensitive to caffeine.

Looking at this product overall, user testing shows there are much better products available for you to use for really fast and safe weightloss. Try one of the top rated products here on the WLT site and you really can't go wrong.

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I was one of the weight loss testers for this product and I lost only 2 pounds in one month which was not good. Thank god we all got a free trial as I would not be happy if I had to buy xanedrine online even if it is cheap, it doesnt work.
Posted by: Gowileys
Last Reviewed by

Hi I think Hoodia 9000 is a really good way to lose extra we...

"I used Xenadrine Xtreme to see if I could lose weight and all I ended up with was a really worrying chest pain and headaches every other day. I was really excited about using it to tell you the truth, but after I started to get the heart pain thing I saw my doctor.

After reading the user reviews here on WLT I realised I wasnt the only one either! A real dangerous pill that gave me serious health issues."
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