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This product seems to contain good ingredients, but the dosages are too small to actually do anything for you. The user tests suggest that there was only minor weight loss when used. I would advise against this product, go for something that tested better...

What is Testo RX?

TestoRX is the all natural formula that claims to help you to achieve better results and benefits. It comes in a weightloss tablet or capsule form (they call it a pill on the website).

The product claims to be manufactured in the USA, however after looking mroe closely it is apparent that its actually manufactured in china. This immediately strikes up some negative flags in my mind as ive been hearing some very bad things about fat loss products manufactured in China.

But the real question is... does TestoRX actually work? They talk a lot. But will it actually come through? Lets continue our testing...

What does it claim to do?

TestoRX marketing claims ths following, you get a natural testosterone booster that will help you to increase natural muscle mass while improving sexual health in men. (hmmmmm)

They say that TestoRX will finally help you to repair your muscles, improve lean muscle mass, strength, power, and energy, and so much more! And with TestoRX, you will experience no side effects, just male health benefits....

The WLT user tests don't lie, so lets test it and see if its all true...


Zinc,Gamma Amino, Butyric Acid, Magnesium, Vitamin B-6, Copper, Androgenic-Anabolic Testosterone Proprietary Matrix, Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris, Testofen, DHEA, Longifolia, Mucuna Pruriens, Epimedium, Cayenne, DIM, Chrysin, Damiana, Bioperine, Anti-Aromatase/Estrogen, inhibitor Complex.

What's the conclusion?

TestoRX does not bother going the whole 9 yards. With TestoRX, you do get some incredibly strong ingredients with real potential. But they do not actually use the clinically proven amounts of any of those given ingredients.

They have the right stuff when you first look into it. But just look a little deeper, and you will not have the same appreciation for it.

Unfortunately, TestoRX does come with some side effects, and obviously enough, women should never use TestoRX! We cannot stress that enough. But even for men, young or old, there are certain risks and dangers with TestoRX.

The user tests show that this product was not effective for those seeking proper weightloss and our conclusion is that its another scam product designed to confuse you and scam you out of your hard earned cash. I would avoid it at all costs!

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I was reading the testorx reviews and testimonials, thank god I did before I went ahead to buy testorx in the uk, even if it is cheap. this diet pill Testorx does not work at all and is a waste of money in my opinion.
Posted by: David_super
This TestoRX pill is rubbish! I heard some ok comments from friends using it at the gym, but then after a couple of weeks I asked again and they had all changed to a slimming product called Hoodia 9000. Thats what im using now and glad I didnt buy TestoRX!
Posted by: Sam_111
Im very happy that I didnt buy Testo rx online before I read the testo rx reviews first. It seems that Testo RX isnt the best testosterone booster to buy online. I wouldnt buy Testo RX if I were you there are many testosterone bodybuilding boosters that are better than Testo RX in my opinion.
Posted by: RAFdreams
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I had a really good time using Detox t10 the pounds just fel...

Testo RX is a testosterone booster but a very weak one. Also due to this, its unsuitable for women, and really, unsuitable for men also! I wouldnt give this product to my dog, let alone take this myself. A dangerous bad quality product that should be removed from sale...its a real scam.

Steer clear of this product and go with something that works better. Send me a message if you need any advice!
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