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Slim Quick - Weightloss Designed for Women

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The user results show that only a minimal amount of weight was lost over a long period of time which shows that this product doesnt really work at all. The user tests dont lie! I would definately consider buying something else. A bad quality weak product that tested badly.

What is Slim Quick?

Slim Quick is a diet supplement from Slimquick Laboratories. There are several key differences that Slimquick hopes to capitalize on. Women retain water more than men as well as having hormone issues, a lower threshold for energy and higher stress.

The Slim Quick company offers detailed information on the company's mission. Each ingredient they add to their product, they claim, only helps in the process. They declare that unnecessary ingredients are not present in any of their products.

Lets do our Weight Loss Review and see how this product fairs up against other competing fatloss products on the market...

What does it claim to do?

The company claims that their mission is to find a new alternative weight loss method. They state that their products are designed specifically with a woman's physiology in mind.

I dont believe any of this rubbish to tell you the truth. They are playing on the fact that womens bodies are different to mens, so they need a special weightloss product.

They declare that unnecessary ingredients are not present in any of their products. In my opinion, all the ingredients are unnecessary!

Its a badly marketed product, and so far its not looking good. Lets still give it a chance though and delve further...


Green Tea Extract, Hoodia Gordonii, Milk Thistle, Senna Extract and Glucomannan.

What's the conclusion?

Even though most of the ingredients are natural some may be harmful if other supplements with the same compounds are taken.

The company states that their products can assist in losing weight quickly, however the fine print says that diet and exercise is recommended, meaning that users may be required to change their lifestyle.

Basically after looking at the weight loss results using this product from our weightloss community here on WLT, im sure most will agree that this product is as useless as not taking anything at all.

I would recommend you use something that has tested much better, such as one of the products in the top 10 list as this product is not even close to being a contender.

Thanks to all WLT users who tested it, im just sorry that it doesnt work and yuo wasted your time!


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Dont even bother asking where to buy slimquick as its useless. My mother used it for years and was always very overweight.
Posted by: Pumpkinz
I used to wonder does slimquick work as i saw it on T.V. Now after reading all the slim quick reviews and the ratings here on the WLT forum, Im glad I didnt waste my money on this fat loss pill. I used Phen 375 instead and it worked great!
Posted by: Tony_the_Pony
When I started out, I was looking at a slimquick diet, and some slimquick reviews where people buy slimquick online. All I can say is that this is not going to make you slim quick or fast. If you lose any weight fast it will just come back on again even faster when you stop drinking the shakes. You wanna drink shakes forever? Not me
Posted by: Simone1star
I read on another site that there were some side effects from using slimquick products in general, something to do with it messing with your sugar level. I wouldnt buy slimquick even if it is sold in stores. I havnt read any slimquick success stories, nor seen any good slimquick reviews at all really.
Posted by: BrooK77
yeah i heard at my weight watchers meeting that many women have been said to buy Slim Quick cheap online, and that its just a marketing ploy to con you out of your money. Dont buy slimquick its useless!
Posted by: Abigail
Oh please, does anyone even take this product seriously? I mean come on its common knowledge that it doesnt work very well compared to the new age acai and hoodia products available now. Dont buy slimquick tablets as it is not a good weight loss pill.
Posted by: James_465
I try this one for a bit but I have no weight loss from this pill. I wnated to lose weight fast and lose my belly but this dont help me much. Now I switch to Acai HP diet pills and weight is losing fast Thanks god.
Posted by: Pollyboo88
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I spend many years trying to lose weight has some good resul...

This product is one of many that claims to help you lose weight, but in the small print it says you need to diet and exercise for it to work, which in my opinion is really a deceiving act.

There are many products that can help you without working out or starving yourself to death, such as Acai HP or Hoodia 9000.
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