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Pure Hoodia - South African Hoodia Gordonii

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This is a good product but there is much stronger Hoodia available at the same price, and of even better quality. I would suggest using Hoodia 9000 instead of Pure Hoodia, as you will lose weight faster. Also the ingredients are much better quality.

What is Pure Hoodia?

Pure Hoodia as the name suggests contains Hoodia Gordonii powder.
Pure Hoodia contains 400mg of Hoodia powder that is encapsulated into a vegecap and so suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

The introduction of Hoodia Gordonii to the western world was initially met by hysteria. It was suggested at the time that this strange looking cactus like plant could be the cure for obesity in the western world. The problem is.. which Hoodia product to choose?

What does it claim to do?

Stops the brain getting the message that you are hungry therefore surpresses your Appetite to stop you eating. There is little doubt that the powder from this wonderful natural plant is effective at suppressing Appetite and ultimately aiding weight reduction.

Some brands and manufacturers continue (as described above) to dilute the powder (p57 molecule) with additives or use the cheaper extract to give the impression of a super strength product. That may be the case here.. so go with a Hoodia product thats proven to show fast results, and leave this product to the back of the shelf.

Try a product called Hoodia 9000 if you want the highest rated and best Hoodia Gordonii product available.


Magnesium, Gelatin andTri Calcium Phosphate.

What's the conclusion?

Pure Hoodia is not a bad product at all, it contains good quality Hoodia but its the strength that lets it down.

If you are going to use Hoodia Gordonii to aid your weight loss, you should use a product that has proven to work on the Weightloss Tested Consumer tests. The highest rated Hoodia product currently is Hoodia 9000, the undesputed winner of this years Hoodia award.

I would seriously consider using Hoodia 9000 instead of this Pure Hoodia product, since so many WLT users have voted it to be a great and fast weightloss product.

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I know that this Hoodia is quite reasonable to buy online, and I cant tell you where to buy the cheapest Pure Hoodia, but I can tell you that the quality of this Hoodia isnt as good as Hoodia 9000. That was the hoodia weight loss product you used Phil?
Posted by: RAFdreams
I agree totally, after studying the user reviews and before and after pics of people using Pure Hoodia, It seems users had much better results using a product called Hoodia 9000 which seems to be the strongest Hoodia on the market currently.
Posted by: Philsbak
thanks for the review guys. glad i steered clear of this product,and didnt waste my time and money. Thanks again WLT users
Posted by: Kim202
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Ive lost over 30lbs using Acai Plus Extreme with Phen 375! A...

I think if you are going to bother using something you should always go for the best quality, strongest and most effective type.

Sadly Pure hoodia isnt the best Hoodia product available, i would try something a little stronger for better results.

Its not to say that this item isnt good, its just not the best. I would rather spend my money on something better.
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