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Phenphedrine - fat burning weight loss pill

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User tests suggest that Phenphedrine does NOT work well at all. Users only experienced MINIMAL weightloss.

What is Phenphedrine?

Phenphedrine claims to be one of the most hardcore fat burners available online. It is available to buy in a trial form, and users have reported websites involved with this product as being a scam.

In China they appear to be selling it very cheap (thats where its really manufactured), but US and UK online shops that sell pehphedrine have it pretty expensive. Its not available in retail stores as im sure there would be outrage at all the outrageous weight loss claims it makes but we will get to that later.

Just to make sure we sent WLT testers to over 50 high street retail stores to see if they had phenphedrine in the store as a Detox pill or diet pill, and not one store did. So the answer to 'Can you buy Phenpedrine in stores?' is NO, the only place you can buy phenphedrine is online.

Other weight loss products that are similar in ingredients and usage to phenpedrine include - HydroxyCut Hardcore, Lipo-6 Black, VPX Meltdown, Lipo-6X, Phen 375, Nuphedrine and the list goes on. Many Detox weight loss products also contain similar ingredients, but mainly those which didnt test well for weight loss either.

Looking at the product we can see how its marketed towards losing weight fast and keeping energy high. many weightloss tested users were very interested in trying this fat loss pill, and over 348 users participated in the trials.

"After looking at the negative results of the others and my own personal results, i will still give this product a review, even though I know it definately doesnt work at all"

Lets run the user test and find out the answer to the question on all our lips.. Does phenpedrine actually really work?...

What does it claim to do?

Phenphedrine claims to have found the key to long-term weight loss. With so many products that only take off a few pounds only to leave you to gain them back, this is a very exciting claim. And also a false one. They also claim:

"PHENPHEDRINE was designed to stimulate CART and inhibit NPY, thus helping you win the battle of the bulge. (note: We found alternatives to cocaine and amphetamine to activate CART)" <-- sure :)

"This product makes a lot of claims that are NOT true, and you can't blame me for being angry about it, I wasted my money on this product, and you should NOT do the same"

The truth is that long-term weight loss isn't some mystery or secret that people are trying to hide from you. It's just that so many companies are not willing to invest the time to research and produce an effective blend.

Usually this means they are too busy cutting costs and making sure they get your money to worry about whether you are really losing weight or not. Phenphedrine is no different, and the fact that its available as a cheap chinese product is very worrying.

WLT user tests suggest this is another scam product that doesn't work, and is not worth buying even if its cheap. The WLT user tests dont lie, and it seems we have uncovered another false product that you should avoid!."


Infinergy Dicaffeine Malate 250 mg, Hops 100 mg, Chocamine 50 mg, Razberri-K 50 mg, Ginger 20 mg, gingerols 50 mg, Phenylethylamine 20 mg, Evodiamine 98% 15 mg, Sclareolide 98% 15 mg, 1,3 Dimethylamylamine 15 mg.

What's the conclusion?

Ridiculous clinical studies and a wealth of fake customer reviews, I would see no reason to invest in a product like this, unless you like people scamming you. If you are serious about long-term weight loss, you should look into the products that tested the best here on the WLT community. You just can't trust these companies on what they tell you anymore. the truth is in the User Tests not the label!

"Overall a very bad product that doesn't give you the results it claims. I wasted 25 pounds on this product and about 2 months of my life trying to get it to work."

I read lots of people online also used phenpehdrine and Detox pills together but i even tried that and it didnt work. But one thing that came good about trying this product is that it opened up my eyes to using two products at once to accelerate weight loss. Its just a shame that phenphedrine and Detox pills wasnt the answer.

"Dont make the same mistake that I did! I ended up going for something called Phen 375, which I used with Proactol to lose over 40 pounds!"

Check out my profile, or send me a message, maybe Phen 375 will work the same for you!

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My husband was using this for a couple of months but lost only 2 pounds of weight. I wouldnt recommend it for weight loss people!
Posted by: Nannymin
Phenphedrine does not work! I didnt get any good results on this weight loss pill, and done much better using Phen 375 - new before and after pics posted on my profile
Posted by: Getinthere
I was part of the user testing team for Phenphedrine and it definately didnt work for me. I saw minor weightloss and then gained it all back. Phen375 worked much better for me IMO. Thanks!
Posted by: Simone1star
Phenphedrine pills did not work for me either :(
Posted by: Sallygood
Thia weightloss pill is complete bullsh*t! I wish I read the phenphedrine review before I bought it!
Posted by: JENNY4AR
You were right Simon, Phenphadrine doesnt work! I tried it for 3 months and no results at all. Dont buy Phenphadrine unless you want to waste your money.
Posted by: Paxton
I see theres a faster acting version of this pill called Phen 375 which has very good reviews. I can see you had great results with this James, well done!
Posted by: Lucyb6
the people that make phenphedrine diet pills should be repremanded and sued in my opinion. The sheer volume of horror stories about phenphedrine scams and side effects is something we should all take note of. Horrible product, horrible company, horrible bad experience. Try something like phen 375 instead, it worked for me.
Posted by: James_465
Im so shocked that this pill is still available after all the issues that users are reporting when using it. Its a scam product and should not be sold online or anywhere!
Posted by: Elizabeth1st
I bought it from DietPillUniverse a year ago , They shipped me it from USA as it was supposed to. I ordered 3 bottles so i even had to pay 35 pounds for UK customs. Anyway Phenphedrine has all undisclosed side effects on me starting from jittery, head ache , nausea,short blackouts,short memmory loss, inourmous hunger attacks, unconsciousness while binging, later enoumous fatigue , and depletion which lasted over 2 months after i stoped using it (i used just 1,5 bottle). Results were no better i gained 30 pounds in less than 2 months of using phenphedrine. And even now i feel consequences -as it screwed up my metabolism , it got very hard to lose any weight , which was easy before i started it. I just wanted to lose 10 pounds, what i\'ve got was a nightmare called phenphedrine with it\'s all side effects ruining my body and mind. Don\'t try it unless you wanna regret for long
Posted by: Insanity
Before you buy phenphedrine I would say to read the phenphedrine reviews above. I used phenphedrine diet pills in UK for a long time, end even tried adding apidexin to the cycle to see what happened. The results were very unsatisfying to say the least. Phenphedrine is a waste of time and money.
Posted by: Jonathan
Im from UK and I tried phenphedrine and detox pills at the same time and it didnt work eitherway. Its not even worth considering to buy phenphedrine even if its a trial, as it is definately not one of the best tested weight loss pills. Go with something else, as phenphedrine really doesnt work.
Posted by: Mikeybaby
Jerome, heres my take on phenpherdrine I hope it helps. Phenphedrine has been proven not to work by many users here on WLT in the UK and USA. Phenphedrine doesnt seem to be actually returnable. Bad customer service also (no call center based in UK).

Dont buy phenphedrine cheap online as its a waste of money. But if you must buy phenphedrine, go direct to the manufacturer. Remember Phenphedrine, Phen375 and fenterdren are all the same thing basically. None of them really work. You can only purchase phenphedrine online not in high street stores in UK. Hope that helps x
Posted by: Beachnow2
Hey I got a few questions about Phenphedrine if ya dont mind.
1. Does phenphedrine actually work?
2. What happens if I realise phenphedrine doesnt work? (i.e refund policy?)
3. Where is the best place to buy phenphedrine online? (where did you buy phenphedrine in the first place Joy? was it from a retailer or direct?)
4. Whats the difference between phenphedrine and phen 375 or fenterden?
5. Is phenphedrine sold in stores or only online?
Thanks guys
Posted by: Jerome123
I was looking at the phenphedrine results after the testing and I can see immediately why everyone who had the misfortune to buy or use phenphedrine in the past is angry. What a terrible pill!
Posted by: Tara-wow
Paxton, you can purchase phenphedrine for the official website me thinks, buy you should really read the review above before you go and buy phenphedrine even if its at the cheapest price.
Posted by: BrooK77
After reading all these negative comments and the review, I would definately not buy phenphedrine online even if it is cheap. Dont know what i would do if I got scammed like some of the other users here
Posted by: Gowileys
I cant believe that so many people have had bad results from this product when its marketed so fancy! It just goes to show you how powerful advertising is in the weightloss industry. Im real happy I didnt get caught up buying this cheap low quality diet pill.
Posted by: Isabellamummy
yeah i got caught up in this phenphedrine scam as well, they took like ?210 of my money and the customer support was not available at all, the telephone number just rang and rang. In the end I had to cancel my credit card to stop them billing me! My advice is to leave this weight loss pill well alone.
Posted by: Joy_full
i hear that people are getting scammed when buying this product. I read an article in a magazine saying how many people got ripped off! Be careful guys!
Posted by: Debbie-james
Last Reviewed by

Waist is getting smaller everyday

I got scammed by buying this product from a website that claimed it would help me to get ripped and burn fat. The sad reality of it all is that I actually GAINED weight instead!

This product should be removed from the shelves as it is misleading and ultimately a bad weightloss product as it doesnt work! leave this one well alone! I ended up using Phe375 instead, worked a treat :)
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