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Lipovox is a weight loss pill thats ok i guess, but when you compare it to other diet treatments on the market you can see how it fails miserably. looking at the WLT user data here on the site you can see how not many people had any success with it at all.

What is Lipovox?

Lipovox claims to be the original "Super Foods" weight loss pill. It contains the richest blend of nature's most powerful foods that will help you lose weight quickly, while fighting both acne and wrinkles. In fact, you will burn up to 400% more fat using Lipovox than with just diet and exercise alone. Lipovox's secret lies in the 10 Super Foods and 2 super Antioxidants.

Yeah...Sure...Lets see how it fairs up in the Weightloss Tested review...

What does it claim to do?

The official Lipovox website claims that it is the number 1 diet pill for fat loss and acne. (acne and weightloss....please lol)

It is also claimed that you can burn up to 400% more fat than just by dieting and exercise. The marketing people rate their product very highly indeed.

There is reference to US chat show queen Oprah Winfrey who is not shy in attaching herself to weight loss products it would seem.

Lipovox is not just targeted toward dieters, there are elements within the formula that would appeal to acne sufferers and anyone who is intent on reversing the ageing process. hmmmm really?

Its just one of a growing number of superfood diet pills that are currently flooding the weightloss market. Lipovox was born in the US and now is becoming much discussed and sought after here in the UK.

Its one of those heavily marketed products that claims to fix all of your problems in one pill. Im always sceptical about products that claim to be an all in 1 wonder pill. Its like buying a Pizza from a kebab shop... its not going to be good.


Acai Extract, Cayenne Pepper Fruit, Garlic Extract, Soybean Extract, Barley Juice Powder, Wheatgrass Extract, Lactobacilus Acidophillus, Alfalfa Extract, Flaxseed Oil Powder, Buckwheat Concentrate, Lipovox also includes 4 other ingredients recommended by Dr. Perricone: Salmon Oil Powder, Green Tea Extract, DMAE, Alpha Lipoic Acid

What's the conclusion?

From looking at the user test data, I can safely say that lipovox does NOT do what it says on the tub. Yes sure, some weightloss was observed, but if you compare it to the other weight loss pills aon the market you will see it fails in more ways than one.

Its overpriced and the ingredients, frankly could be stronger. I also question the quality of the ingredients, since its made in China. (not a good sign)

If this product really worked then it would show on the percentage mark,, but over 200 users have tested this product, and from what i can see, most regretted it.

Im not sure I want to be the next one in line, so i will give it a miss. So should you.

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Lipovox Diet Pills Dont Work! Thats right Abbey, the lipovox reviews say it all. Even worse than ephedrasil If you ask me. Its a scam.
Posted by: Simone1star
I hate Lipovox, I wasted soo much money trying to get lipovox to work and I kept buying lipovox online. Lipovox reviews say it doesnt work, Lipovox testimonials say it doesnt work...and im telling you...It doesnt work!
Posted by: Abby2much
I was a user tested for this product about a year ago and I lost an average of 3 pounds over 2 months, which was very dissapointing really. Lipovox is available in many online stores to buy as a diet or weightloss pill and I thought that would give it a bit of credibility. Now it seems you can buy lipovox cheap online as its been proven to be a useless product that doesnt burn fat or help you get a flat stomach. Trust me ive tried!
Posted by: Getinthere
I heard that some people try to buy Lipovox cheap online and have had bad experiences. It seems that this company doesnt do much in terms of quality control for this product and many impurities and sometimes harmful substances have been found inside this so called diet pill. I would avoid it too.
Posted by: Isabellamummy
Dr Perricone? Oprah Winefrey? Celebrity slimming pill? Sure.... lol
The answer to the question.. does Lipovox work as a fat burner, weight loss or waist reduction pill?...
You have more chance of plain water working rather than using Lipovox as a diet pill. Plain and Simple
Posted by: Debbielove
Last Reviewed by

Phen 375 is changing my waist size and my life! Thank you WL...

Dont waste your time with this product, it underperformed in the user tests and has not received much positive feedback ever since.

Some people did lose weight using it but no way near as much weight when using some of the more top end serious weight loss pilss out there.

My advice would be to try something more 'pro' like Acai HP or Detox T10.
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