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LipoClean - one of the latest fat burners / diet pills to hit the market

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What is LipoClean?

LipoClen is one of the latest fat burners / diet pills to hit the market. It has been a while since a new diet pill has been released. Probably due to the state of the economy. It looks like LipoClen did their homework. It contains some pretty impressive weight loss ingredients. LipoClen's ingredients are actually better than good, they are backed by clinical studies that prove that people have lost weight using the ingredients.

What does it claim to do?

LipoClen claims to produce substantial results in just 10 days. They claim to use 12 proven fat burning ingredients that will help you to achieve these results instead of just getting rid of water weight or failing all together.

LipoClen is made up of green tea, coleus forskohlii, capsaicin, evodiamines, razberi-k, yohimbine, synephrine, oolong tea, guggulsterones, lipolide SC, chromium, and bioperine. In the case of green tea alone, there are quite literally hundreds of study to back up its amazing and powerful antioxidant and fat burning results. The other ingredients only add to this proven effectiveness. Evodiamines, capsaicin, and razberi-k among others assist in the fat burning, and of course synephrine is known as ephedrine without all the side effects. Bioperine enhances your natural absorption of these ingredients, and some even build lean muscle mass for longer term results. In short, all of these ingredients truly work together to give you the results you are looking for.


Green Tea - Easily the most popular weight loss ingredient next to caffeine. A recent study performed researching the effectiveness of green tea on weight loss showed that Green Tea rich in catechin polyphnols and EGCG, can help reduce body fat and cholesterol levels. In fact, Green Tea's content of catechins have been shown to deliver anti-obesity effects by increasing fat oxidization, energy expenditure, and reduce respiratory quotient. In a clinical trial, Green Tea was proven to the body weight, body fat, and visceral fat area of men consuming green tea. Razberi K? - Razberi-K, also known as Raspberry ketone (4-(4-hydroxyphenyl) butan-2-one) is a major aromatic compound of red raspberry. The structure of Raspberry Ketone is similar to the structures of capsaicin and synephrine, compounds known to exert anti-obese actions and alter the lipid metabolism. Coleus Forskohlii - It has the ability to increase lean muscle which can lead to prolonged Fat Loss Success. A recent study revealed that it can improve lean muscle mass and decrease fat mass with better results than Anavar, an anabolic steroid. It is also non-toxic for the liver, meaning you can take it daily. The active chemicals in Forslean ignite reactions in your body to cause fat cells to release their energy and melt away. Capsaicin - Capsaicin is found in cayenne peppers and has been linked to producing numerous health benefits. Capsaicin is the powerful component that provides cayenne peppers with their spice. Capsaicin is also known to be an antioxidant that helps protect the body from harmful free radicals. Yohimbine HCl - Yohimbine HCL helps increase the production of Norepinephrine and helping your body increase burning fat.

What's the conclusion?

We would definitely recommend using LipoClen. LipoClen is a powerful weight loss supplement that actually helps you to achieve greater results in general. LipoClen looks like a terrific diet pill. The ingredients are very effective and solid and so is the research behind them. It contains potent, clinically proven ingredients in high concentrations. It seems like this could be a great diet pill to try out if you have been struggling with your weight loss.

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Dont bother going to buy lipoclean , its a waste of money. i tried it for 2 months.... Ended up changing to Proactol Plus
Posted by: Pumpkinz
I tried using Lipoclean as part of the consumer testing team when I first joined this site. I found that it gave me bad skin for some reason and my weight loss was not really that fast or substancial. Any product that makes my skin look bad is a no no for me anyways.
Posted by: Elizabeth1st
i hear this causes rashes is that true?
Posted by: Debbie-james
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