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I would not recommend using this product I tried it for 2 months and I didnt lose one pound of weight. I was so angry I wrote to EAS, the old manufacturer and complained. I even had a couple of subtle but noticable side effects, namely my heart racing etc. Not a great item.

What is Hydroxycut?

Hydroxycut utilizes a scientifically engineered multi-platform technology to stimulate the enzymatic response involved in thermogenesis and the fat-uncoupling process.
In plain English, Hydroxycut claims to be a fat burner.

Hydroxycut is now a brand for a range of diet products, for the purpose of this review we are going to concentrate on the hydroxycut diet pill or weight loss supplement.

What does it claim to do?

Hydroxycut is the most powerful hardcore fat burner ever created!

- Decrease bodyfat by an average of 7.9%
- Increase Norepinephrine by an average of 40%
- Maximum-strength thermogenesis
- Liquitech rapid-release liquid micro-dispersion technology

The key ingredient acts a thermogenic intensifier which plain and simply means fat burner. The diet pill is advertised as having these benefits:

- Quick Fat Loss
- Reduce Food Cravings
- Energize Boost

So basically it claims it can burn fat and suppress Appetite at the same time . In my experience, diet pills that offer more than one type of weight loss method (burn fat, block fat or suppress Appetite often are a guilty of a major compromise one way or another.


ECA stack (ephedrine, caffeine, and aspirin).Ma Huang (Ephedrine) Guarana (caffeine) & willow bark (aspirin) L-Carnitine Hydroxagen Green tea extract.

What's the conclusion?

A few years ago Hydroxycut contained the fat burning ingredient Ephedra. As we all know ephedrine was associated with hear attacks and deaths. Ephedra is now a banned substance in the UK and USA and so the manufacturers had to rethink the formula.

They did, have now released the new Advanced Hydroxcut. Hydroxycut now includes the ingredient Garcinia Cambogia within the formula and they have removed the Ephedra (or Ephedrine to you and me).

This product was tested over a 2 month period and gave me around 2 pounds of weight loss. i was so angry about this product not working that I actually contacted the manufacturer for a refund.

All the stuff the write on the label definately is NOT TRUE. One thing that is true is that they have a huge marketing budget at their disposal, and people are being conned daily by this scam product.

Hydroxycut now produce a range of diet, weight loss and Detox products even a new drink. They are really exploiting the lucrative weight loss market for all that its worth.

A real joke of a product, i would never use it again. Anything that makes your heart race that fast has to be harmful. they should remove it from sale period.

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Ephedra doesn\'t work in small portions . I haven\'t tried this one but i tried Stimerex ES, Zenalean pro , Hydroxylean Eph , Phenterdrene P57, ThinPhetamine -They don\'t work at all , and the taste of pill is unforgetable .
Posted by: Insanity
Hydroxycut sucks! My boyfriend went ahead to buy hyrdoxycut online, even though I advised him to go for something like Acai HP, or Hoodia 9000. Guess what.... he didnt listen and the Hydroxycut was a waste of time and money. Now hes using Acai HP and will finish with a llittle hoodia 9000 to boost the weight loss at the end. He looks great .. yummy !
Posted by: Suzy-hoo
I thought that hydroxycut was a mens weight loss or bodybuilder diet pill. Either way i guess that Hydroxycut reviews and testimonials tell us that its not worth to buy hydroxycut online even if we can buy hydroxycut cheap.
Posted by: Miranda99
Hydroxycut was a weight loss fat ripper pill that I heard of around the gym but no one seems to get good results from it. Its like more a commercial product thats designed and marketed well. Also you cant be safe trying to buy hydroxycut online as there are many scam sites out there. Avoid it.
Posted by: James_465
my husband says that this product is not great and always moans that he wasted too much money when he bought 3 bottles cheap online. After he saw my weight loss results using Acai HP, I started noticing my bottles going his waist line getting smaller! Gotcha!
Posted by: Emilywho
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Ive lost over 30lbs using Acai Plus Extreme with Phen 375! A...

It took me 2 months of trying this product to realise it was an absoloute joke. To call this a weightloss pill is hillarious.

I wasted my money on this before i found detox T10 & Acai HP. Also gave me heart palputations. Dangerous product that should not be sold anymore. Ingredients are bad quality.
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