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Hoodia 9000 - Appetite & Weight Management Formula

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Currently the purest and most popular Hoodia offered on the market, available only online and in limited stock. This is the undesputed hands down, best appetite surpression pill in the world.

What is Hoodia 9000?

Hoodia Gordonii has revolutionised weightloss market. It is a fully natural product, taken from a cactus found in South Africa in the Kalahari Desert.

It actually induces the P57 molecule that stops your brain receiving the message that you are hungry, therefore you eat less calories and ultimately lose a lot of weight.

"There has not been a better option for Appetite surpression, and Hoodia 9000 has proven time and again that its in a class of its own when it comes to Hoodia weight loss products."

Even though many people here on WLT agree that this product belongs in the holy grail of weightloss treatments,.. lets delve a little deeper for all those that are new and not so educated in weight loss products.

What does it claim to do?

A natural, organic pill that kills your Appetite and melts away your fat. It has no known side-effects and contains a special molecule that fools your brain into believing you are full...

We have the purest, most effective form of Hoodia on the market, and are offering only a limited supply for sale to the public. This isn't just some marketing ploy. We really do have limited quantities of this life changing new pill. That's because it's the purest and strongest you can buy.

"This small cactus plant found in the Kalahari Desert contains the magic P57 molecule which San Bushmen use to stop hunger & thirst whenon hunting trips. The P-57 causes your brain to send nerve impulses that tell your body you?ve eaten already, and the hunger dissapears!"


9000mg 100% Organic Pure Hoodia Gordonii, Triple Filtered, no fillers or other inpure additives

What's the conclusion?

There are loads of Hoodia based products on the market, we have tested loads of them and only Hoodia 9000 proved its strength and quality of ingredients.

"It's the purest Hoodia we could find and leaves all other Hoodia Gordonii products for dust, theres just no comparison."

Its a well known fact that Hoodia products work well to surpress the Appetite and to stop you feeling hungry. The problem is that most of the products are bad quality and contain inferior ingredients. Thats why they are mostly cheap. Unfortunately this has left most useres feeling that Hoodia doesnt work, when its because they used a diluted weak product."

Well now we all know that Hoodia 9000 is the best Hoodia product and its been proven by hundreds of REAL weightloss Tested Users. The fastest acting Hoodia Gordonii Pills in the world!"

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Price £35.99
Websitehoodia 9000 store - Buy It Now

Other users had great results using Hoodia 9000 below

Hiya I love using Hoodia 9000 it's the best thing I have ever taken.


Hello I feel really really good. Detoxt10 is the only way.


A few words I LOVE ACAI 9000 The best and only way to go about losing some real weight

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Posted by: HunsGellyHoda
Does anyone know the new webiste we can purchase Hoodia 9000. Please post if you know the site. Much appriciated thanks.
Posted by: Shishi511
I found out today that Hoodia 9000 was discontinued last year :(
It is now known as Pure Hoodia apparently.. hope this helps
Posted by: Histacey
CAN you help me please?
I want to buy hoodia 9000, but the website answer me a user code and a password.
I don t understand what it is please?
Thanks a lot.
Posted by: Cathycat
Where can i purchase these? A genuine website..

Posted by: Earing25
I lost more weight with this Hoodia 9000 than with any other hoodia gordonii product. I believe the purity is the best hoodia available to buy online.
Posted by: Tara-wow
Hoodia 9000 rocks! It helped me lose over 20 pounds in 5 weeks, and gave me a new life. Im getting married now and wont worry about looking good in my wedding dress.
Posted by: Abby2much
Fantastic product, helped me lose weight fast and in a healthy way. It definately is the strongest Hoodia Gordonii available online. Great pill, thanks Hoodia 9000!
Posted by: Sam_111
Back when I used to work at Learn DIrect a guy there was losing so much weight and really fast, and this pill was his secret apparently. He even lowered his cholestorol and blood pressure after losing weight.
Posted by: Jerome123
Thank god I wasnt roped into buy cheap hoodia online, as i would have been very dissapointed. Thankfully I found Hoodia 9000 on this site in fact!) and the hoodia results speak for themselves. If you are looking where to buy the strongest hoodia, buy hoodia 9000 direct from the manufacturer:
Posted by: Loulou2u
Hi guys, I've been using Hoodia 9000 for 6 weeks and the weight has just fallen off. I dont get the same itch to eat too much or wake up to snack at night. It really helped me a lot and I wanted to say thanks to the WLT community for helping me to choose it. Excellent product and the ONLY Hoodia I would trust to buy online.
Posted by: Philsbak
Sandra- hoodia 9000 is a 100% hoodia gordonii pill, which has been tested by the users here on WLT. The results are unanimous that it is the best appetite surpressant available to buy online currently.
Acai HP is something different, its a pure acai berry detox pill that when used with Hoodia 9000 seems to show excellent fast weight loss results. i hope this helps.
Posted by: David_super
im thinking of starting to use this product as i can see it has tested very well, and all of you guys seem to be losing weight really quickly. Its either this or Acai Hp.. any advice welcome :)
Posted by: Sandra_P
hey i used this with Acai HP as a kind of 'stack' and it really accellerated my results. Thanks to all here on the WLT site for letting me into your secret!
Posted by: Simon_Don
I love this product, I was using Unique Hoodia and getting ok results but when I switched to Hoodia 9000, the pounds litterally fell off me!
Posted by: Kim202
Last Reviewed by
Of all the products ive tried for weightloss, this is the only one that helped to stop me eating too much! I mean I always ate a bit too much but Hoodia 9000 really stopped me feeling the hunger.

I'm lucky that I found this weightloss tested website, I was about to buy another Hoodia product which is not as strong as Hoodia 9000. Im 2 months in & lost over 40 pounds already. Great fast action product!
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