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" Dietrine is a carbohydrate blocker diet tablet that stops carbs being converted to sugar in the body. This only works on carbohydrates and not fats so its not a really good solution to fast weight loss "

What is Dietrine?

Dietrine was initially available as a Dietrine diet patch which is an Appetite suppressant, energy enhancer and metabolism booster all in one.

This has been discontinued, with the product made more effective in a weight loss pill form.

Dietrine claims to be a perfect blend of all herbal ingredients that act as a carb-blocker to reduce excess weight. I guess if all you ever eat is carb heavy meals then this sounds like its going to help you lose weight.

They state: "bid good bye to strict diets and welcome a sea change in lifestyle with dietrine pills." Hmm A sea change? Typing errors always make me worried on weight loss supplements.

Its almost like if they cant get the spelling right, what hope do they have of making a weightloss product that really works?

Ok well as always we will tread carefully and give Dietrine a fair test as a carb blocker pill. We have 92 WLT users ready to test this, and see if they can lose weight fast, so lets get to it!..

What does it claim to do?

Ok so lets look at how Dietrine claims to work. Dietrine has the ability to block carbohydrates getting into your bloodstream. During digestion, the carbohydrates we take in get broken down into simple sugars which are then distributed to the cells to get used up as energy. This process is made possible with the help of an enzyme called alpha amylase.

"So basically it claims to stop the carbs from being converted to sugars when you eat. But surely that causes an ever bigger problem later on.."

When you block carbs to your system, they have to go somewhere, and cannot just pass completely unnoticed in the body. Your body will then go into a phase of carb deficiency, where, even if you eat a tiny amount of carbs, your body will severely over react, and bloat you immediately. Almost feeling like you ate two huge bowls of pasta.

With physical activity and exercise, most of the sugars which enter the cells are completely used up. However, those that are not used become stored for future use. These fatty deposits now lead to unwanted weight gain.

Do carb blockers really work is the question? Carb blockers such as Dietrine claim to work because its active ingredients function by neutralizing the effect of alpha amylase.

This means that some of the carbohydrates you take in do not get converted to sugars, nor does it get stored as fat. It simply passes through your system unnoticed. But the thing is, they dont mention that it will cause you to go carbohydrate deficient and cause you problems later on.

With this, you do not only stop gaining fat weight, but you also use up the fats initially deposited in your cells.

Problem remains also that carbohydrates needed by the body as well. Dietrine does not claim to remove all the carbs altogether.

It only lessens the amount of carbs you take in but it still will affect your energy levels making you feel tired and drowsy.

hmmm lets see how the users got on with their weightloss plans...


Chromium: tests show its mildy effective in controling the alluring craving for sugar and also regulate blood sugar level. It also aids in enhancing thermogenesis but thats just speculation I think..

Phaseolamin: the extract of white kidney beans is used to inhibit the action of a digestive enzyme such as alpha amylase, thereby suppressing Appetite and resulting in mild weight loss.

Vanadium: The herbal ingredient works effectively to enhance carbohydrate metabolism. Hmm im not sure that means anything at all to tell you the truth!.

What's the conclusion?

"After examiming at the user results, the conclusion is that Dietrine Pills do not work very effectively as a weight loss supplement, and will not aid you in losing weight fast."

Add to that, a complicated money back guarantee with crazy terms and conditions and its not really a product i would advise anyone who is serious about weight loss to go for.

Since Dietrine Weight Loss Pill is a Carb blocker, it works only when used with a Carb rich meal if at all. Dietrine does not have much effect on fats and most users did not see any type of weightloss or waist reduction when using this product.

One user said " I thought it would get me a flat belly like in the advert but sadly it didnt work at all for me. just made me pass wind a lot, but generally a waste of money"

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I used dietrine and did not lose more than 3 pounds after more than a month of using dietrine. Dietrine user test results here on WLT also lead us to the conclusion that dietrine does not work as a weightloss pill.
Posted by: David_super
I checked online and I found you can purchase dietrine at mny online stores Brook. I cant really see why you would want to buy that cheap dietrine pill as it did not test well at all, but hey its your body and your choice :)
Posted by: Pumpkinz
I keep seeing dietrine for sale online and I wondered does dietrine actually work for weight loss. Then I read this dietrine review and I cant believe I tried to buy dietrine only yesterday. Where did you buy dietrine when you tested it Debbielove?
Posted by: BrooK77
my advice is dont buy dietrine online or anywhere else, it didnt test well in the user testing and is not considered a good weight loss pill. Buy weightloss pills from another company as these dont work.
Posted by: James_465
I researched a lot of weight loss and diet pills before I finally made my choice, and one product I kept comming across was Dietrine. Most of the reviews and tests done on this prodct show that it is not a very good weight loss aid at all. Its a bad diet pill really,
Posted by: Debbielove
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