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Goji Advance - Goji Berry Weight Loss Pill

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Goji Advance is not bad really, i mean there are worse Goji pills available online, but that doesnt mean that this one is great. We have tested dozens of Goji Berries weight loss pills and this one didnt rank particulary well at all.

What is Goji Advance?

Goji Berry Advance is a diet pill that contains Goji Berry which is known for its high antioxident properties. It has been used in Eastern cultures to promote o weight loss and heightened immune system functions.

The diet properties of this natural ingredient have just lately seen the fruit becoming popular in the UK as well, particularly amongst celebrities and lots of stars in Hollywood and Channel 4 film scene.

With the Goji Berry being featured on a wide range of BBC tv programs and in magazines such as hello and grazia its time we see how it fairs up in the Weightloss Tested User Testing.

What does it claim to do?

Recent studies have shown that Goji berries are full of vitamins and antioxidants. The great thing about Goji berries is that is contains 17 times more amount of antioxidants than red wine without the preservatives and alcohol. It is a natural fruit that is simply plucked of a palm tree.

Goji berry is also known to contain acids which protect the heart from cholesterol. These include Omega 6 and Omega 9. It also contains a Detox fying agent which known to have the ability to be able to cut down weight loss with no harmful effects.

It controllably cuts down the Appetite of an individual which in result cuts down the unhealthy food intake of a person. This is however only achieved when taken in great amounts and this is where Goji Advanced comes in to play.

They claim to have concentrated all the natural benefits into one small tablet which will guarantee to give you all these benefits.

Lets see if the different natural components of the Goji Advance Supplement will actually stimulate its weight loss capabilities by letting the WLT user community review this diet pill.

There will be 234 Weightloss testers for this product and results wil be posted here within 12 weeks. that way we can really be sure when people ask does Goji Berry Advance really work for weight loss.


Goji Advance clims to use only 100% natural ingredients, resulting in no harmful, unnatural side effects.

The only thing is that the Goji Berry in this product really isnt the best aor strongest Goji berry available online.
Also, the Goji berry in this product has not been filtered or sieved to remove impurities, therfore theres a good chance that all the scummy bits were ground up into this pill. Eww.

What's the conclusion?

I believe that although Goji berries have substantiated claims for amazing health benefits and weight loss, this product is not the one i would recommend at all.

When it comes to Goji Berry weight loss, I think that there are better products and pills available for you on the market.

Choose a Goji Berry product with higher strength and better User Testing results to make sure you dont get collared into buying a diet pill that doesnt work.

Always check out the consumer top 10 and keep an eye out for reeviews here on WLT so you can be in the know, when it comes to weightloss supplements.

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Posted by: HunsGellyHoda
Dont buy goji beryy pills guys. Goji diet pills are not proven to work at all just check out the goji advance review above and you will see.
Posted by: Jack2long
These goji berry advance pills really do not work. I asked the doctor and at the pharmacy and they told me the same thing. If you want goji supplements that really work, you should try a triple filtered goji product, not this cheap stuff here.
Posted by: Jade-slim
The best goji pills are yet to be released, yo usee they need to triple filter the berry before so it stays very strong and potent. We are waiting on a product called Goji HP which is a triple filtered goji product. Until the you are better off using something like Acai HP, as its very similar and works a treat
Posted by: Carlyxx
Where can you buy the best goji pills guys? A friend wanted to try them even though I warned her about about the side effects of goji and also to be careful of goji berry scams.
Posted by: Histacey
I know goji is good for you but theres no doubt that Acai berries, especially triple filtered extracts like Acai HP are better than goji berries for weight loss and as a weight loss aid.
Posted by: James_465
if you want to buy goji berry pills cheap you should understand that the cheapest goji berry pills for weight loss are not the most effective. There are many places to buy goji berry online but most online stores agree that the cheap goji is very bad quality. Be careful my fellow WLT users!
Posted by: Philsbak
If you want to buy goji berry advanced diet pills cheap online then there are plenty on offer. I would definately not go for this one as it didnt test too well, maybe start with something proven like Acai HP then add a good solid detox pill also for a boost. Detox T10 would definately be an option for that.
Posted by: Anthonyfm
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