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Fenterdren - CART stimulator diet pill

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A product that did not test well in our weightloss community, Fenterdren contains low quality ingredients that are available much cheaper elsewhere. You may lose a pound or two with this product but it will be from your wallet not from your body. Steer clear IMHO.

What is Fenterdren?

Fenterdren is a diet pill that uses 3 apparently powerful weight loss ingredients. As consumers are demanding more out of their diet pills, we are seeing more companies pretend to add quality ingredients to weightloss products but actually add nothing. I think thats the case here.

Because of this, Fenterdren is a diet pill that is ideal for someone who wants a very small amount of weight loss over a longer period of time.

What does it claim to do?

Fenterdren is a fat burner that claims to stimulate our Cocaine Amphetamine Regulatory Transcript (or CART) and also inhibits our Neuropeptide-Y.

(This doesnt mean an awful lot and is a typical example of a diet pill that tries to blind with science but actually deliver very little. Its designed to confuse you and make you believe that it actually works)

Two other US based diet pills that use the same kind of ideology are Nuphedragen and Fenphedra, and both of those have been proven as low quality scam products also.


Di-Caffeine Malate, Synephrine,Phenylethylamine (PEA) L-phenylalanine

What's the conclusion?

As a weight loss supplement, Fenterdren may give you a really good shot at losing that extra weight or help you get through that weight loss plateau. With 3 powerful fat burning ingredients and a money back guarantee, I can see why many people are buying this product. Will you lose 30 pounds in one month? Doubtful - but you could maintain a healthy weight loss of 5 pounds per week with proper diet and exercise.

Can cause a feeling of restlessness, insomnia and anxiety. Fat burner raise the metabolism in a similar way that can be experienced by drinking too much caffeine.

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hmmm... very nice article but Is this product really don\'t have any side effects
Posted by: Johndavisusa
fenterden doesnt work. Tried for 2 months and nothing happened. Read the fenterden review above before you buy fenterdren if you ask me.
Posted by: 09wilson
this is the same as phenphedra, which means that fenterdren diet pills really dont work. More scam pills!
Posted by: Jonathan
After reading all these fenterdren reviews and fenterdren testimonials, I would definately not buy fenterdren online even if it is cheap. Also known as fenphedra, I would seriously consider gong with something like the strongest weight loss pills from the top 3, not this fenterdren.
Posted by: Emma678
whats with all these silly diet pill names, fenterdren, phentermine neo synephrine..jesus! We should launch special weightloss tested pills and call them weightlosstestermine!
Posted by: Paxton
Fenterdren is a weight loss pill that you shouldnt buy online especially since its cheap. In weightloss products, cheap means low grade and if you are looking for the cheapest price of Fenterdren, I would seriously reconsider.
Posted by: Loulou2u
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losing weight faster these days than ever

The new breed of diet pills that seem to be arriving from the states with scientific, complicated explanations as to how they work, all designed to confuse you and make you buy the product.

In reality its a complete waste of time & money, and I wouldnt advise anyone to bother taking it. Save your money.
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