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Fenphedra - Are Fenphedra and Nuphedragen slimming pills same

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Fenphedra marketers think using lot of scientific mumbo jumbo gives good impression to their potential customers and persuades them to buy the product.

What is Fenphedra?

DON?T WASTE YOUR MONEY! Fenfedra doesn?t help at all to supress Appetite or boost energy. I have taken the full bottle of tables and ZERO loss.

What does it claim to do?



? DiCaffeine Malate is caffeine that has been bonded with malic acid. This bond not only optimizes energy levels, but also stimulates thermogenisis while promoting mental focus. Tons of research has been done on both caffeine and malic acid. These are good fat burning ingredients that won?t make you jittery and nauseated. ? Chocamine is a great ?mood booster?. I?ve always dealt with anxiety, more social than not, but I still get very anxious and nervous very easily in just about any situation. As a result of stress, I had some serious cortisol-induced fat deposits. Chocamine has helped me reduce that anxiety and reduce those fat deposits, aka my tummy fat! ? Phenylethylamine has always been the darling of the pharmacologist in that it is structurally clean ? it is naturally present in human fluids and tissues ? and because it has a close chemical relationship to pharmaceutical stimulants. Phenylethylamine is also found in chocolate, and is responsible for its effects on mood, Appetite and sense of well being. Phenylethylamine is intrinsically likely the cleanest stimulant known to man. Its ability to stimulate the central nervous system without causing jitters or nervousness is extraordinary! This catecholamine precursor is responsible for elevating the metabolic rate and promoting a sense of satiety (fullness). Synephrine providies an energy boost, suppresses Appetite and increases metabolic rate leading to the burning or more calories. The best part about Synephrine is that it stimulates fat metabolism without the negative cardiovascular side effects! Humulus Lupus is unique because it is one of only two plants in the family Cannabinaceae. The alkaloid extract known as Lupulinum produces a mild stimulant effect at first, followed by a very agreeable, calming sensation? the perfect combination.

What's the conclusion?

I have to say, I?m impressed with Fenphedra?s formula and am anxious to hear back from people that have tried it. I?ve noticed other sites proclaiming to review Fenphedra, stating that the formula ?probably doesn?t do much.? I?m sorry, but did they even read the label? You?ll notice, as you read the review further, that the author eventually pushes some other product. I wonder what that?s all about.

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Dont buy fenphedra online even if its cheap. My friend tammy tested it here on the forum along with another 100 or so fenphedra review users and it failed miserably. Avoid it!
Posted by: LexiPooh7
I tried fenphedra in the user testing and none of us seemed to lose any weight at all. I thought that fenphedra was the best diet pill available to buy online but the results speak for themselves.
Posted by: Abby2much
Yes its true fenphedra is not a good diet pill at all, since the side effects, stores are now selling it cheap to get rid of stock. I was reading fenphedra testimonials and there are not many fenphedra success stories online at all.
Posted by: Miranda99
I would not buy fenphedra as a weight loss pill because i hear it has some side effects. People keep asking me 'where can I buy fenphedra cheap online' and I tell them to read the reviews first as it may be a bad and costly experience.
Posted by: Jadehoney
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Phen 375 is changing my waist size and my life! Thank you WL...

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