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Curvatrim - Diet pill for women's weight loss

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This diet pill didnt test very well in user testing, and its questionable wether this is in fact the best diet pill for women to lose weight fast. We know this because so many other products tested better. Also the ingredients are suspicious.

What is Curvatrim?

Curva Trim weight loss treatment tablets supposed to be diet pills for women. These are just another one of those hyped diet pills that specifically target women.

"This product is quite similar to Curvelle, using proprietary blend to hide their poor dosage and using a list of ingredients with no backed scientific clinical trials, except for green tea."

Lets do the full user tests to see how Curva Trim weighs up as a fat loss pill, and find out does Curvatrim work & make you lose weight?...

212 Weightloss Tested users will take up this challenge and find out if you can really lose weight with Curvatrim Pills or are they a waste of money?

What does it claim to do?

Curva trim is supposed to be taken daily and the dosage recommended is about 16 ounces of the supplement to be taken along with water just before the meals. This seems like quite a lot to me.

The ingredients they claim it contains, like green tea, Damiana, the fenugreek seeds and the ginger root are all proved to have excellent health benefits. But it stops just at that.

"There is no mention of any clinical trial or any other proof of any of the ingredients of CurvaTrim being helpful or effective in actually bringing about any weight loss at all."

Weight loss can be achieved by the green tea extracts, but there is no mention of the dosage used in the Curva Trim as being similar to the therapeutic dosage of green tea in bringing about fat loss.

The product CurvaTrim has been found and demonstrated to be identical to another product called Xylestril, which is also questionable. The product labels are identical, so are the list of ingredients. Hmm.

The weight loss ingredients are in the identical order too as found on the Xylestril Pills label; the amount of the active fat burning ingredients per dosage also is the same.

The only thing which is not identical is the name; it actually is the old Xylestril with a new name Curva Trim.

"Well we all know how badly Xylestril tested with the WLT community, so its not at all surprising that this diet plan pill didnt do very well at all. Its the exact same pill in different packaging!"


The apparent weightloss ingredients in Curva Trim Diet pills total around about nineteen.. Soy isoflavones Green tea Chocomine Kelp L-Tyrosine Mothers wort Cinnamon Ginger root Passion flower Razberi K Blessed thistle Leaves of the Damiana plant Fenugreek seeds Fennel seeds Elderberry extracts Avena sativa Wild yarn root Bark of the Magnolia tree Dong Quain

What's the conclusion?

Unfortunately, CurvaTrim scored badly in the User Testing, with many users not experiencing more than 1 pound of weight loss over a 6 week period. It is because of this that I reccomend that this is not a good choice as a weight loss pill.

By buuying Curva Trim, you would be wasting your money as it will never give you a flat belly or smaller waist size.

"212 Weightloss testers cant all be wrong. So the answer to your questions of Does Curva Trim Work...Sadly NO it doesnt."

CurvaTrim or Xylestril as its also known, has no clinical proof as a weight loss, fat burn or carb blocker product. Its a shame because we had high hopes for this one. Its been upstaged by the stronger weight loss products out there, I would seriously consider something from the WLT top 10. That way you know you wont be scammed, and you will actuallg buy a weightloss product that works fast.

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I used Curvatrim slimming pills and I didnt really lose any weight, I lost like like 1 pound which I gained straight after.
Posted by: Linda444
haha james, you got some cheek! I also used curvatrim and didn not get any good results, I only lost 2 pounds in 5 weeks which is not good. My advice would be to choose somethin from the WLT top 10 list as you know they have been propely tried and tested for slimming.
Posted by: Abby2much
My advice is not to buy curvatrim online or in stores as the user reviews for curvatrim are not good. Even the curvatrim testimonials dont look real, I would definately not buy curvatrim, even if it is cheap!
Posted by: Abigail
I managed to buy cheap curvatrim online last year after searching where to buy curvatrim for ages. I tried Curvatrim for a month nearly and my official weight loss was! Nice price but bad results.
Posted by: Lucyb6
My girlfriend tried this product and she didnt even lose one pound of weight. Not that I dont love her the way she is :) lol
Posted by: James_465
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