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Apidexin - Lose up to 400% More Weight

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"Apidexin is highly advertised pill, however user testing shows it is a diet pill that does not work for weight loss at all. Over 128 users here on WLT agree that it did not help them lose weight. Avoid it."

What is Apidexin?

A non prescription fat burner that contains 8 patent pending ingredients geared towards helping you lose weight (or so says the research and development team appointed by the manufacturers.)

The community is very skeptical about this product since its been around for a while and not many people have had good results using it at all.

"The user votes here on WLT say it all, this product is a phoney and contains nothing but real bad quality ingredients."

What does it claim to do?

As soon as you land on the official website, the message says Lose up to 400% More Weight. The question is lose 400% more weight than what?

"Any potential buyer should be aware of the potential side effects and should be very careful when using this product as there have been some reports of violent bad reactions and nausea."


Bioperine - a substance that claims speed up the rate of fat absorption (what a joke) Razberi-K - a substance that claims to help the body reduce fat levels (its just rasberry extract - completely useless) Infinergy, Dicaffeine Malate,Forslean 95%, Forskohliin ,Lipolide-SC Guggul EZ-100, Thermodiamine, 98% evodiamine,Wakame, Seaweed, Fucoxanthin,,FucoThin , (these are all stupid names for stupid ingredients, its laughable!)

What's the conclusion?

"Looking at the ingredients, cost and overall results from users, We can safely say that Apidexin does not work for weight loss and is not a diet pill you should consider... The user tests don't lie!

Its negatives far outweigh its positives and add the unsightly side effects it can cause, I would avoid it like the plague.

The official Apidexin website claims that they have a 2% return rate whilst not wishing to disbelieve this admirable statistic, one probable cause could be that customers and consumers alike cannot contact the company behind the product.

"The safest option is to use one of the Top 5 products here on Weight Loss Tested as at least you know they will work."

Its a shame its not illegal for these fake products like apidexin to be sold, as the world would definately be a better place without them. A true worthless pill.

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Another useless diet pill...I even hear Apidexin is now available in stores like Boots, GNC and Holland & Barret... its crazy that they stock diet pills that really do not work for weight loss.
Posted by: Madmax
My cousin told me he was going to buy Apidexin pills and I warned him against it after reading the Apidexin reviews and testimonials here on WLT. The weight loss reviews really helped him to avoid it.
Posted by: James_465
Hey emily, I dont mean to say 'I told ya so' :)
Try something from the top three products, they are tested by the users here on WLT and we all know that the user tests dont lie.
Posted by: Simone1star
I would not buy apidexin in GNC stores or anywhere else as its a scam pill that will not work. Just look at all the negative reviews on here and you will see what im talking about!
Posted by: Emma678
If you want my testimonial, this apidexin pill didnt work for me at all. Made me dizzy a bit too.
Posted by: Emilywho
I cant believe how many negative Apidexin reviews there are about this weightloss pill. These diet pills do not work, and you are right Nathan, Apidexin scam pills are all over the internet. Dont buy Apidexin in my opinion.
Posted by: Jennifer1
I knew Apidexin was a scam even before I read the Apidexin review! I asked the staff at my local GNC to see if they were going to stock Apidexin diet pills in the future. They laughed and told me that Apidexin would never be available at GNC stores because it doesnt work. Dont buy it.
Posted by: Nathanthebossman
Apidexin pills were a let down for me too, I think its important for anyone looking to buy apidexin, to check out the Apidexin reviews above. Apidexin diet pills do not work and there are some apidexin side effects you should read about here.
Posted by: Tara-wow
i was an idiot to buy Apidexin online, I didnt even read the apidexin reviews or apidexin testimonials before I seached for where to buy Apidexin! Well I guess I learned he hard way..Apidexin doesnt work.
Posted by: David_super
I was browsing the web and noticed that apidexin was available to buy at much cheap er prices than ever before. I think that once Apidexin was reviewed here on WLT, the public now know its not very good. Thanks WLT!
Posted by: Pumpkinz
Apidexin is really not worth the money as the ingredients are of low quality and the weightloss effects are minimal. The user tests indicate there were some side effects, which means even if you buy apidexin cheap online, its not worth the problems in my opinion.
Posted by: Anthonyfm
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i feel great today and more more more mor emo remor emor em...

This product is just a marketing ploy and a complete waste of money. I cant believe i got scammed with this useless bad quality item and I just wish I had found this website before I did. At least now im using a product that really works!

I did really try with Apidexin but sadly it just didnt work at all for me.. I ended up using Phen 375, Proactol and Acai Plus Extreme which helped me become nearly half the size!
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