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Acaimax Cleanse - Acai Berry Fat Burner

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You should be careful when purchasing Acai based products as most of them are real bad quality. This is an example of a low grade Acai berry product that gets outclassed by other more serious Acai products. Try an Acai product thats better quality like Acai HP.

What is Acaimax Cleanse?

Acai Max Cleanse is product that can really intensify the action of a colon cleansing in the body. It is a supplement which has a lot do with the internal mechanism of the body along with the colon cleansing. This Acai Berries based product is offered in a Weightloss pill form and is marketed on many websites.

"Hmm - looks like just a low grade Acai Berry product to me, let's have a closer look and uncover the truth about this brazillian Weight Loss Pill..."

What does it claim to do?

They say that Acai Max Cleanse will finally help you to burn more fat, and it will help you to achieve better results.

But Acai is not a weight loss ingredient. Acai does not actually burn fat, it does not suppress Appetite and effectively speaking, it does not actually cleanse the body.

There are plenty of Acai based products on the market which can help you get a great a cleansed tummy and great colon while losing fat. The main problem is always in the quality of Acai they are using, the way its grown and its overall strength.

"Acai Max Cleanse claims to be a great Acai product when really its just cheap low quality dead acai which is absolutely useless and WILL NOT help you to lose weight at all."

Some of the users that tested this product opened capsules to find small dirt like sand particles and one even pound rotting powder inside!

This is a real joke of an Acai product and its not surprising that its not hugely popular.


Acai Max Cleanse does not list any ingredients outside of the assumed Acai The Acai quality is low as it has been sourced from china. Also the berry is not triple filtered for quality

"Acai products that are not triple filterd, like this one, are usually very weak and do not work at all. See the review for Acai HP and you will understand more about a good triple filtered Acai berry product."

What's the conclusion?

"This product has been found to promote hardly any weight loss as its ingredients are far from good."

The Acai used in this product is very bad quality and low grade. Its common that many of these Acai products are actually filled with rubbish as they want to make the most profit and keep the real ingredients cheap.

"Because of this, the product does not work as it should, with over 85% of consumer testers reporting NO WEIGHT LOSS AT ALL."

Anyway, this product is not a good choice and no serious weightloss was achieved through using it. Just ask the 500+ members that tested it.

"I would suggest that you try something with betetr quality Acai, preferably triple filtered as it works the fastest. I think the only triple filtered Acai product on the market is called Acai HP and its available online in limited quantities."

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DOnt buy Acai max online even if it is cheap, its a waste of money on a low quality and not fast acting acai berry pill. Leave it alone, its a waste of money IMO
Posted by: LexiPooh7
Im trying to buy cheap acai berry pills online, can anyone suggest where I can buy the cheapest and strongest Acai Berry pills? I can see from this acaimax acai berry review that its not a good acai pill, so which one is? Thanks
Posted by: Miranda99
Im glad i didnt buy acai max cleanse as it doesnt appear to have tested very well in the weight loss reviews. I saw Acai Max Cleanse for sale online cheap though, but stil it doesnt work very well
Posted by: Abigail
I tried Acai Max Cleanse after seeing it available cheap online. They actually billed me TWICE when i bought it which was most annoying. Then after using AcaiMax Cleanse for around 4 weeks I gave up since i didnt lose any weight at all. My waist didnt even get any smaller. I will never buy cheap versions of Acai online again, and am glad to be using another acai product that actually works. (check out my profile for info)
Posted by: James_465
I tested this acaimax pills and I lost nothing! Is really not working good for me, so now I try Acai HP instead. This Acai HP is working very good now, I lose more weight every week.
Posted by: Pollyboo88
I tried this product and it did not work at all for me. I lost maybe 1 pound in 2 weeks and actually thought it was because Acai berry supplements were not very good, until I found out that its all about the grade of acai used. Acai HP is triple filtered so its the best type to take, and since using it the weight has just fallen off. :) happy happy
Posted by: Joy_full
yeah you are right there debs, acai hp is definately the better product. Ive tried them both also
Posted by: Simon_Don
doesnt work i tried it! Acai HP is the only acai berry pill worth buying IMO, but hey the user tests dont lie!
Posted by: Debbie-james
come on you cant say we werent all waiting to be dissapointed with Acaimax, is there even any point trying another acai product after the success of Acai Hp? It seems to always beat these cheaper products hands down, and even my own weightloss results speak the same...
Posted by: Emilywho
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The pounds are finally falling off with Acai 1000pro!

"Acai Max Cleanse didnt work for me at all, I tried to up the dosage to try and get the fastest weightloss possible, however the ingredients were too weak and low class to make me lose anything.

In the end I just trew them away, accepted the loss, and started with Acai 1000 Pro as I should have done in the beginning. Waste of my time really."
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