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Acai Berry Select - Brazillian Weight Loss Formula

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"An Acai Berry Diet Pill that has been around for a while, and tested by many. Not the best Acai Berry Pill available to buy online, but it has worked for many people. Acai Berry Select is quite reasonable in price with not bad quality ingredients."

What is Acai Berry Select?

Everybodys talking about this miracle Amazonian Berry. Acai provides you with all the nutrients you get from eating your servings of fruits and vegetables plus providing essential omega amino acids.

"This Acai Berry Select product has a lot of positive feedback associated with it and its proposed weight loss. This product is an example of a regular strength Acai Berry pill which will induce standard weight loss in women and men."

Theres no doubt that Acai Berries have many good nutritional qualities, and is also anti-inflammatory and high in antioxidants effects, which are great for health, and can definately positively effect weight loss. This pill contains the standard grade acai, and comes from a trusted source, direct from the Official Acai Berry Select Store.

Anti-oxidants are important because they prevent the negative effects of free radicals in the body, which most people have in abundance and are not even aware of. This is especially evident as we grow with age, as the body will require more help to fight these free-radicals off.

Free radicals damage the cells of the body and can lead to advanced aging and wrinkles, also immune and organ damage, which generally leads to health complications.

This is why taking foods or supplements that have high concentrations of anti-oxidants, such as in Acai Berry Select are extremely helpful.

"Acai Berry Select Pills are not only good for you, but it can help improve your overall health, increase your energy and has weight loss benefits."

Even though this is not the strongest Acai Berry Weight Loss Diet pill on the market, Acai Berry Select has been reviewed well on other weightloss websites. Lets put it to the test and see how it compares against the weightloss pill market...

For this test, 491 WLT users stepped up to the challenge to find out "Does Acai Berry Select Work?"

What does it claim to do?

"The brazilian Acai berry is a powerful antioxidant and contains disease fighting phytonutrients, including special anthocyanins, which are also present in red wine." ~

Acai Berry Select contains Acai Berry Powder in capsules or pills if you like. We all know that the nutrients contained in Acai are vital for good health, which the Brazilians have been aware of for a long time. We can see history tells that it has been harvested in Brazil for hundreds of years.

Also many brazillian supermodels such as Gisele have admitted and been seen, eating healthy amounts of Acai in order to keep them skinny for the catwalk. This is the secret that has helped models stay slim for years.

With Acai Berry Select they claim that not only do you get the benefits of the Acai berry with nutrients which aid weight loss, but you can achieve a boost in energy levels and antioxidants that improve the health of your skin.

This is a bold claim however user testing will prove whether this is actually the truth.

"These are not the strongest Acai pills on the internet, however there are quite a number of advantages that Acai Berry Select has over the other Acai berry pills you can buy online. Our user tests will give us the real results to see if Acai Berry Select works"


Acai Berry Select contains chromium 75mcg, green tea extract 225mg, caffeine, Acai berry extract 50mg and L-theanine 8mg.

What's the conclusion?

Acai Berry Select seemed to work very well for over 76% of users that tested it here on WeightLossTested, with most users experiencing at least 10 lbs of weightloss in 30 days"

This has proved to be an effective weight loss supplement and its made by an honest company that has been around for a long time. Based on this we would recommend Acai Berry Select Supplements to our community. Its important to note that even though it works quite well for many people, there are stronger Acai pills available for purchase online.

A total of 76% of WLT users experienced moderate weightloss with these Acai tablets and many are still using them today.

"A very good Acai Berry Pill. User testing shows that it does work remarkably well for weightloss. Most users saw a significant drop in waist size and weight"

Cheapest Price Found Online
Other users had great results using Acai Berry Select below

Currently Testing Acai Berry Select Pills And Loving It!

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Posted by: HunsGellyHoda
yup I agree Acai Berry Select is not a bad quality product and quite worth the money. The user tests show that its not as effective as other triple filtered acai berry pills on the market, however its a great pill to start with. Im using Acai HP at the moment but I also began my weightloss journey using Acai Berry Select. Give it a try and see for yourself!
Posted by: James_465
Yeah the problem seems to be that most people are only interested in buying cheap acai online like acai berry select, what they dont realise is that cheap acai means cheap ingredients. Acai berry select has been available for a long time to buy in the UK and has now bottomed out to its cheapest price. Definately go for a triple filtered acai, its more expensive but very effective
Posted by: Tara-wow
I agree paxton, this is not the strongest but strangely its very popular. I have a cousin who told me that she used this and lost a couple of pounds, but she got nowhere near the same results as me when I used Acai HP. Good choice paxton ;)
Posted by: Emilywho
Acai Hp is much stronger than this, I checked the user results and thats the one im going to use instead. Stronger, purer and faster acting im hoping!
Posted by: Paxton
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Currently Testing Acai Berry Select Pills And Loving It!

"After researching basically the whole internet I found out everything there is to know about Acai berry pills.

I decided to try these Acai Berry Select Diet Pills to see if I could lose weight and to answer my question.. does Acai Berry Select Work?

I have my 15 year anniversary coming up and I want to look my best for my husband. Im quite nervous but here goes my weightloss test!"
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