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What is Cho-young tea?

Cho Yung is a herbal slimming tea. This herbal weight loss tea makes use of the power of Chinese medicine and helps you lose weight with some highly effective ingredients. It is claimed to aid digestion, strengthen immunity, and to boost metabolism and burn more calories. The tea can be drunk either hot or cold, or even incorporated into yoghurts or cereals, and two cups a day is claimed to be sufficient to enable you to lose weight and have more energy. Cho-Yung tea has? a ?certificate of approval for health food made in China?, stating the tea has a proven slimming effect.

What does it claim to do?

This unique slimming tea helps you lose weight in more than just one ways. The product includes multiple ingredients, each of which works in unique ways to help you shed those excessive pounds.

* It stimulates your digestion process.
* It helps in reducing bloating.
* It supports the internal organs namely the heart, spleen and kidney.
* This herbal weight loss drink comprises of substances called catechins. These substances help in burning off the calories piled up in the body. They convert the fat into energy, thereby forcing your body to lose weight.
* Cho Yung tea also purifies the body's cells.


* Oolong tea. This is a conventional tea leaf which is partially dried and then treated with high heat. * Lotus Leaf. This ingredient helps in supporting the vital internal organs that are related to the process of digestion such as kidney, spleen and liver. It is also used to enhance the digestion ability of an individual. * Hawthorn. Also known as 'Crategus', this ingredient has been used in Chinese medicine for long. It is known to strengthen the heart. * Alisma Rhizome. It works as a Detox fying agent and helps in flushing out the toxins from the body. * Cassia seeds. Originally, these seeds were used to treat constipation. Theu work great in supporting the liver. * Jiaogulan. It is known for its antioxidant properties and is known to regulate the digestive tract. * Poria. This longevity herb strengthens the immune system and also supports the heart, spleen and kidney.

What's the conclusion?

There can be nothing as easy and simple as drinking tea to lose weight. All you need to do is consume 2 cups of this slimming tea very day. You can drink this tea any time of the day. Alternatively you could give this weight loss tea interesting twist, by incorporating into various weight loss recipes. You could churn out a Cho Yung fruit smoothie or use it to as an ingredient of sweet chicken and pepper pasta.

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My mum used this cho young tea and they kept scamming her out of money on her card every month even though she wasnt buying! Beware of this product it actually doesnt work anyway
Posted by: LexiPooh7
I was trying to buy cho yung tea online for ages, i even tried to buy it from shops like GNC or Boots in the UK. When I finally bought this weight loss tea online, I wasnt actually that impressed. I think its just a standard green tea, and that doesnt really help with weight loss at all. Dont use it.
Posted by: Kim202
I would not buy cho young as a weight loss tea because its just green tea in a fancy packet and costs too much money.People keep asking me 'where can I buy cho young tea cheap online' and I tell them to read the reviews first as they may be paying for just plain green tea.
Posted by: Jadehoney
I keep seeing adverts for cho young tea online, thisngs like "click here to buy cheap cho young tea online" etc. So i had a look and it seems that its just another heavily marketed product that doesnt really work at all. i mean green tea is great for weight loss but the actuall quality of the green tea extract in cho young tea is not up to scratch. try something else from the top 5 here on the forum, that way you can be sure to choose a diet pill that works.
Posted by: Anthonyfm
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