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7 Day Detox - Burn Fat and lose weight in 7 days

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"Like so many other diet drugs, the 7 Day Detox capsules have proven absolutely useless when using them for weight loss. User tests showed that 98 out of 112 uers did not lose weight using 7 day Detox at all. A waste of time and money."

What is 7 Day Detox?

The 7 day Detox is a weight loss supplement that has been available for the previous decade. It has been heavily marketted as a weightloss aid, and diet pill, although some websites where you can buy 7 day Detox online, sell it as an antioxidant pill.

It seems like this detox pill is being sold in many places online but that doesnt necessarily mean that it works well. The user tests will tell us if it works or not"

As always we endevour to test every weight loss product without bias and fairly. For this 7 day detox review we have 112 WLT user testers ready to find out the truth and see if we can find the answer to the question on everybody's lips.."does 7 day detox work for weightloss?"

Lets start the review and see what we find...

What does it claim to do?

Similar to a number of Detox products, the company behind this diet pill make audacious claims about its effectiveness.

"Unfortunately most of the weightloss claims that the manufacturers of this pill make are actually quite false, and do not make any sense at all."

The products makers produce no scientific or clinical evidence for their weight loss supplements effectiveness. It does NOT contain Appetite suppressants, fat burners or fat binders and in truth will provide you minimal assistance on your weight loss journey, when looking at the ingredients from a scientific weightloss perspective.

The makers of this Detox pill say that it is essential to use healthy eating in conjunction withusing 7 day detox, as your body needs to rehydrate quickly. For the same reason you need to have a normal diet plan once your weight has been lost to keep up the detoxification.

"In other words the makers of 7 day detox are admitting that it does not work very well for weight loss at all. I would leave this diet pill well alone ad go for something proven to work. Just dont waste your money to buy 7 day detox online"


Potassium Gluconate, Chromium Polynicotinate, Caffeine Anyhdrous, Caffeine, Psyllium Husk, Oat Bran Fiber, Barley Rice Fiber, Apple Pectin, Fennel Seed, Glucomannan, Flax seed powder, Dandelion Root, Uva Ursi, Cranberry, Buchu Leaves, Alfalfa, Juniper Berries, Garlic 100:1, Ginger Root, Parsley, Goldenseal, Mint leaf, Red Raspberry Leaf, Lemon Peel, Hawthorn Berries, Red Clover Leaf, Burdock Root, Irish Moss, Aloe Vera, Cayenne Pepper, Sage, Noni, Mangosteen, Pomegranate, Apple Cider Vinegar, Grapefruit Seed.

What's the conclusion?

As a result you will lose weight on the scales, but it is merely water as opposed to actual body fat. The term Detox has become a ?buzz? word since 2000. Body Detox fying supplements, as they are otherwise known, are commonly believed to be a safer and more effective option than other diet pills.
Detox is seen as a safe and natural option to remove toxins from your body. In modern society, unhealthy lifestyles are the norm, the oppurtunity to right some of the wrongs you have done to your body appears very attractive.

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Well I started use 7 day detox a few years ago, I found out the within the 7 days I lost a few pounds, it stopped my craving for food all the time, but I used it longer then the 7 days. After a month the weight started falling off, at one point I was getting scared because the weight kept dropping off. Long story short I went from 180lbs., to 143lbs within 6 months. so I stop taking it for a while, then when I needed to loose weight again, I\'ll use it again, I\'m very happy with this 7 day detox.
Posted by: Udavis
7 day detox pills are not worth the money IMO. I used them on two occasions and lost nothing but the money from my credit card! Read the 7 day detox review above and you will see that these diet pills do not work at all.
Posted by: Miranda99
I tried many detox pills and colon cleansers but none of them actually worked including this 7 day detox pill. In the end I startd to use detoxT10 which really worked fast for me.
Posted by: Jack2long
this 7 day detox pill is useless. I tried it and lost only 3 pounds in 12 weeks. I thought I was lucky to buy 7 day detox pills cheap but in the end I just wasted my money and time on a diet pill that doesnt work.
Posted by: Tara-wow
In my opinion you would be a fool to buy the 7 day acne detox pill online in the uk or anywhere else. Its proven NOT to work for weightloss or detox and many users found that it gave them stomach cramps and was actually BAD for your bowels.
Posted by: David_super
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